Sumo Suits

Sumo Suits Hire Sydney

The Sumo Suits provide a unique experience that will make it a hit of your next party as you take part in the sumo action. These notable large suits deliver a bizarre challenge as you attempt to knock your opponent down or out of the ring while also battling to keep your balance due to the restricted movement within the suit. Leave all your preconceptions behind as its anyone’s bet who will be left standing at the end.

Additional Info: The Sumo Suits come with a 6m x 6m padded ring, additional padding surrounds, 2 sumo suits, and Sumo Helmets. Teen Sumo Suits are also available for hire which makes the sumo suits a game for all ages.

If you are looking for other challenges to test yourself against we also provide the inflatable Big Baller Toxic obstacle course and the Meltdown.


Ages7 years old to Adult
Space required6m x 6m (no height requirements)
Power requiredNo Power required
Game Capacity2 people at once. Approximately 60 people per hour
Hire OptionsThe Sumo Suits will come with 2 staff to supervise and ensure safety and fun

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