Carnival and Sideshow Games in Bondi: A Festive Extravaganza with Planet Entertainment

Carnival and Sideshow Games in Bondi: A Festive Extravaganza with Planet Entertainment

Unleash the Fun of Carnival Games with Planet Entertainment in Bondi!

Bondi, famous for its stunning beaches and lively community, is gearing up for an added layer of fun with Planet Entertainment's carnival and sideshow games! Renowned as Sydney’s top amusement hire company since 1989, Planet Entertainment is set to transform your events in Bondi into a vibrant carnival experience.

About Planet Entertainment

With over a quarter-century of expertise, we've been infusing life into events across various sectors, including businesses, schools, religious groups, and private parties. Our deep understanding of event entertainment ensures your Bondi event will be an extraordinary and memorable one.

Classic and Engaging Carnival Games

Our selection of carnival games brings the timeless joy of funfairs to your event. Choose from beloved classics like the Laughing Clowns, Duckpond game, and Knock ‘em Down, each designed to delight and entertain attendees of all ages.

Diverse and Interactive Games for Hire

At Planet Entertainment, we embrace innovation. Our assortment includes challenging and enjoyable games like Ring Toss and Strong Man High Striker, as well as more relaxed options such as putt putt mini golf. These games are versatile, perfect for fitting into any venue size and budget, making every event a carnival adventure.

Theme Your Event with Exciting Games

Looking to create a unique themed event? Our games are ideal for setting up your very own sideshow alley or orchestrating a circus-themed party. Whether it's a school fair or a corporate event, our games add a dynamic and fun element.

Flexible Carnival Game Options

We offer the flexibility to choose a DIY option for our carnival games. This allows for engaging school fundraising activities or the creation of a personal sideshow alley in your backyard. Explore our Sideshow Games for hire and bring the lively spirit of a carnival to any Bondi location.

Customised Entertainment Packages

We tailor our entertainment packages to fit the specific needs, audience, and budget of your event. Our professional team will manage the delivery, setup, and operation of the games, ensuring a safe and thrilling experience for everyone. Plus, our Public Liability Insurance offers added peace of mind.

A Wide Array of Games to Choose From

Our extensive selection includes:

Planet Entertainment is dedicated to more than just hiring games; we're committed to creating unforgettable carnival experiences. In Bondi, we bring the festive atmosphere of a carnival directly to your event, crafting lasting memories for guests of all ages. Choose Planet Entertainment for an event where the carnival spirit truly comes alive!