Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental

Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental

Inflatables have come a long way, since the early bounce house jumping castles. The most popular inflatables by far are the new breed Obstacle Courses.

These giant inflatables have some great challenging obstacles, biff bash, squeeze tubes and climb and slides. There are an endless variety of themes, by far our most popular is the NINJA RUN. This is hands down the best obstacle course we have ever had. It’s the number one pic for high schools and universities.

For little adventure kids just setting out the BIG SQUEEZE and BIG CHALLENGE are ideal. Its easy for Mums, Dads and Carers to see inside and check out all the action whilst keeping an eye on the kids.

Obstacle courses are great for events where you need to move the numbers and have great hourly rider capacity. Ideal for fundraising as you can turn the player numbers quickly and make more revenue.For family friendly low impact fun our JUNGLE MAZE is always a crowd favourite. Some kids go in there and refuse to leave, it really is that much fun. You can get lost in the maze for moments of sheer fun. Plenty of dead ends and turnarounds. The maze design is great for supervision as the entry and exit are all at the front of the maze.

The IRONMAN CHALLENGE Obstacle Course and JURASSIC SURVIVOR have been popular for years and the theming really adds another dynamic to your event. So don’t forget when planning the attractions for your next event to include at least one obstacle course.

All Obstacle Courses come with our full service, world famous supervision.

We look forward to supplying our attractions to your next event. Remember, keep on bouncing!